Lightning Storm in Uk / England / Essex

I was awoken this morning at around 3am to crazy sounds of thunder and lightning ripping through the air close to me. Haven’t seen thunder and lightning this intense before, it a rare occurance in this country! Filmed in England / UK / Essex.

I cut all the best bits and put them in slow motion straight after! Enjoy!

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Main Music – Black Vortex by Kevin MacLeod –
Intro & Outro Music – Dan-O at


5 responses to “Lightning Storm in Uk / England / Essex

      • No idea. It’s all change at Marvel right now. Captain America is now an African American too (Falcon.) Some people are losing the plot over this, but I don’t see why. These things never stick. Loki for example has previously had a stint as a female.

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    • I mean it is fine to switch it up and do a ‘what if’ thing. But why not make a new character instead of switching a well known one for something else…. I guess the only reason they do it is to get people talking about it again.


      • I don’t think the big companies have any confidence in creating new characters, which is why they rehash existing ones. In the past books based on new heroes have sold poorly. The last one that took off was probably Deadpool.


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