Free Running / Parkour Past

I use to jump around all the time when I was younger, my biggest idol being Jackie Chan. When free running / parkour started forming I was in school and we used to go around as a group of friends to places practicing it and trying to get better. I loved it. We use to film what we did and make videos to put online and show fellow free runners on forums too. We all had nicknames, mine was Flying Fusion.

This newly edited video is made up of clips filmed around the year 2005. Having not done free running / parkour in many years it is great to look back on the things I did, places I visited and movements and skills I achieved as I progressed. I hope you enjoy it too.

*Please note, also shown at the start of the video if you pause it* that the video quality is in a square format and the quality of many of the clips isn’t great because of being filmed so long ago!

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See the ‘biggest jump’ clip thats at the end of the above video with sound and in slow motion here –

This next video is a compliation of some of my fails. Failure is also a part of learning and overcoming these setbacks to become better! Enjoy!

Enjoy a couple of freerunning / parkour .gifs

Free Running CaptureRapture

Free Running CaptureRapture


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