Lightning Storm video gets popular!

Early Friday morning  (18th July) I was awoken at 2am by a huge crack of thunder. I got up opened my blind and a lightning bolt looked like it struck above the field next to me followed by an almighty rip and then the classic booming rumble a second after. I slowly backed away from the window a bit fearful (you would be mental not to be a bit scared!) but then run and got my camera!

I opened my window and started filming, the sight was epic. To get a better view I was leaning out my window but because the lightning seemed pretty close I withdrew back in slightly and made sure I wasn’t touching / leaning against anything metal (just in case!)

After about half an hour the storm had moved on and I tried to get back to sleep. At 5am it had come back, again awoken by the boom of thunder. I recorded a couple of bits again but by this time it was light and it wasn’t as violent. I decided that since it was only a couple of hours away from when I would normally wake up that I would just stay up, edit my video together and upload it to my youtube page. See below –

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I posted it to all the usually sites plus it was really interesting to see everyone talking about it on Twitter and to see what they had captured. Lots of people got some amazing photos! I have been using Twitter more lately but I can say this is the first time I have genuinely seen what all the fuss about it is. I of course posted it to Twitter and tweeted it to everyone that I thought would be interested in it. I got contacted by a lady at Barcroft Media asking if she could license my lightning footage, how exciting! We sorted out the contract and I sent her the video file I put on my youtube minus the music and text. Barcroft Media have put it on a few websites from what I have found through some searches, including Yahoo, Aol, One News Page and Msn Video.

The video on Msn Video hit the front page and has had almost 20,000 views since it was posted!

Msn Video Lightning Storm Essex Reiss Cleal


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