Screencheat – First Look

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Screencheat by Samurai Punk has taken inspiration from old school nostalgia. Back in the days where you actually went around other peoples houses to play games you either took turns playing or played split screen against each other. Screencheat takes inspiration from the latter. I remember playing games like Timesplitters Future Perfect to death, of course playing it so much you learn the maps completely off by heart and when you play against people on the same screen you can’t help but to glance at their portion of the screen and find out where they were, giving you an advantage. This was both frustrating and intense as you can imagine, some people even resorting to sticking a divider on the screen so that you couldn’t see each others portion of the screen.

Everyone is invisible to you in Screencheat. You play with splitscreen even though you are the only one playing on your pc against other people online. You have to keep track of your movements whilst constantly keeping an eye on at a minimum of one other persons screen but it can be up to 4 players so you have to keep track of an insane amount. The two maps at the moment are made up of colour coded sections to make it easier to keep track of where where one is. Of course starting out is going to be incredibly hard but once you get to grips with where things are in the map it will start to make more sense.

There are 8 weapons in the game. The two most useful being the

I have played a couple of hours so far and I am really enjoying myself, it is most fun when you are against people of a similar skill level as you, it makes for very intense fast paced action, there is certainly no ‘downtime’ in this game. Love it!

To check more about the game visit their website. It is currently in public beta.


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